INTIX, the largest ticketing software conference in the US, was the perfect stage for Palco4 to showcase its expansion in the US market.

During the conference, we held numerous demonstrations of our software, which increased public awareness of Palco4.

Palco4 ticketing software at INTIX 2023
Palco4 at INTIX 2023

Additionally, our CEO, Vicente Vara, shared his vision of the company during his What’s Happening Around the World in Ticketing session, which generated a positive reaction.

After the session, many people who have worked in different markets approached our CEO to comment that they felt identified with the company’s vision.

This shows that Palco4’s networking and relationships building is working within the market.

Vicente Vara Palco4 CEO session
Our CEO, Vicente Vara, in his session “What’s Happening Around the World in Ticketing.”

In the Latin and Anglo-Saxon markets, there is a gap for a high-quality service at a more affordable price than the competition.

From Palco4, we are taking this opportunity to offer value-added services to our customers, offering customized solutions and a focus on the individual needs of each client.

In addition, we have established agreements with partners to offer new services on the platform, which will allow us to expand our reach and better serve our customers.

We also attended several sessions to stay up to date on the latest market trends and customer needs. This will allow us to constantly improve our services.

palco4 INTIX 2023
Our team at the INTIX 2023 booth

In conclusion, Palco4’s participation in INTIX 2023 was very successful and allowed us to consolidate our presence in the US market.

We have established agreements, held demonstrations and attended conferences to improve our service to customers and continue growing in the future.

We are committed to offering innovative solutions and maintaining open and collaborative communication with our clients to ensure their satisfaction and the success of their projects.