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Venue manager?

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The most powerful system on the market.

Master your business with the most powerful ticketing productivity tools. All from a simple, unified interface. Say goodbye to cluttered processes and hello to beautiful productivity of self management, speed and efficiency.

Everything from anywhere. Control your business while having a coffee.

Technology that gives you stay ahead. Ceaseless innovation extend our services.

100% customizable.

You can completely customize your website, emails, business communications and tickets.
And best of all: it's very easy.

The power of your brand

And you can have multi-brand and work with affiliates.
Increases the chances of sale.

✓ customized website
✓ customized emails
✓ customized tickets
✓ customized boxoffice app

Sales and management for bar product or merchandising

You can sell and manage all your products. Management stock . Or sell your tickets with any type of product.

Full real-time management of quotas

You can see in real time the status of the sale of your capacity. And change it to distribute sales more efficiently.
Responsive design
We build applications and websites for the devices.
Expand your sales system and goes further than ever.
Free booking
Allows free or paid reserved for customers.
User area
Users can view their purchases, pay their reservations and receive promotions, etc.
Mobile applications for access control
Easier and faster than ever. Controls in real time the status of capacity.
Hashtags automatic or manual generator
More social, more viral.
SEO optimizations
No need to worry, we do the work.
Access to events, sales, users, etc.
Multiple payment gateways
And multiple methods: credit card, paypal, cash.
UX optimizations
Everything has been optimized to increase your conversion rate. And users love your brand.
Advertising spaces
You can manage and sell advertising on your tickets and emails. Even in your enclosures plans.
Google Analytics
Set up different accounts Google Analytics, by brand, channel, etc.
Passbook tickets
Tickets for your events or your products.
Deferred payment
Your customers can pay for their purchases in installments as you place.

and much more...

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